One Interesting Site

They Just Keep Coming

By Annette Rey

This site has some surprisingly versatile subject matter (over 187 million) and could be useful to writers in various ways, as well as to young students and any-age inquiring minds. The site can be used to stimulate a writer with ideas and to collect information he has not thought of before to include in his writing projects. There are quizzes and visual games, too.

Some of the subjects are: microbiology vocabulary, Chinese numbers and months, airport codes (I didn’t even know they had any – interesting to add that to a story to increase realism), German sentences of the day…

Sound interesting?

The site is:

You can experiment with the site before ever signing in.

Give it a try and make a record of the site so you can go back and dabble in the facts.

There really is a lot of food there to inspire writers.







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