Another Message to My Readers

It’s Tough to be Human

By Annette Rey

While I don’t like to discuss personal things on my site, I feel a mention should be made why I have not posted for nineteen days.

I like to keep this site as a friendly, helpful, educational site for writers. And though I maintain a businesslike approach, I am the first to offer sensitive comments and empathy to anyone who is suffering any type of difficulty with writing, or with troubles in life.

To account for an absence earlier this year, I wrote a post about the death of my brother (May 2017). I knew my readers would understand.

And I call on them to understand one more time. Recently I have been dealing with a few issues common to all human beings and they have again caused ennui in myself. One of the things that has set me back is the arrival of my brother’s grave stone. His sons made it very unusual with personals remarks. It said so much to me, to my inner being, to my softest spots, that sadness prevailed.

The other issues are losses that are haunting me daily in my unconscious self.

I have learned something about myself through these things. My conscious mind moves forward; I go to work; I do good work; I am creative and supportive of others. I think I am fine. While I am busy working, I have writing ideas and compose full sentences in my head. But when my human feelings related to recent troubles rise to the conscious surface, it is sadness – feeling sad – that enervates me.

I go to bed earlier. More sleep does not empower me.

Slowly, though, an elastic, inner strength is rising again.

So, I am posting.

Be patient with me; a storm is developing, not yet played out, and my struggles are not over.

Thank you sincerely.




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