Workshop “Earn Six Figures as an Indie Author” – Angie Fox


By Annette Rey

Yesterday I posted a message to you, my readers, explaining a recent absence from my site, telling you I am going through some sad times. And while I have not been posting, I have not completely shut down. During this period of time, I have continued to push toward my writing goals. One of the things I have done is attend a workshop and I’d like to share the experience with you.

I have a lot of feelers out there – you know – Facebook writing groups, receiving emails from informative writing sites, membership in a local writing group, attending select meetings of that group, attending conferences, reading (and deeply studying) instructional books on writing, studying online writing-related articles, watching PBS historical programs, reading new authors, reading unfamiliar genres, library visits…

Somewhere in that haystack I came across the needle #StrongWomenWrite (founded this year by Khyrs Vaughan), and saw the notice of the above mentioned workshop. I recognized the name of the speaker, Angie Fox, because I attended an hour long session of her presentation at the writer’s conference, Gateway Con, in June of this year (2017).

The workshop offering was three hours long. Did I want to attend? I covet any time I have home from work, much less early morning hours on Saturdays. My best writer’s sense told me I should register and pay the fee, an investment in my future.

It began at 9am, November 4, in a separate room at an interesting, independently-owned bookstore, The Novel Neighbor. I was pleasantly surprised at the setup for the attendees. Khrys is top-notch at organizing; she provided various pastries, bananas, drinks – I surely needed the free coffee on the bookstore side – this also provided me with a pleasant introduction to the store’s owner and the ambiance of the shop.

Angie Fox is a New York Times Best Selling Author. She writes light romance with a few ghosts thrown in to spice up the complications. Her titles and covers are catchy and makes a person want to discover what mystery is inside.

Her workshop presentation was relaxed, professional, honest, and engaging. She is a prolific author who first began with print books with traditional New York publishers. At some point in her career, she dared to strike out on her own and Indie publish. Her career, and income, skyrocketed. She shared the steps she took and how to approach the leap into Indie.

Take-away points:

  • Decide who you are and what you want to sell
  • Treat your efforts like it’s a real publishing business
  • Play to your strengths
  • Protect your writing time
  • Spend the money for editor and copy editor, a good graphic artist for book covers, and hire a specialist to write the blurb for your book.
  • Create a brand, a logo, so covers are related in a series (and number them) so readers can visually connect.
  • Build a newsletter list
  • Create a backlist of books – write three books, release them 1-2-3 in consecutive months
  • Offer the first book free

Angie gave other details on pricing and marketing and hints on ads and announcements of book releases – and so much more.

You need to check her out. She makes it clear that success is more than possible.

Thank you, Angie Fox and Khrys Vaughan and The Novel Neighbor, for an informative and useful self-publishing workshop.

(Angie is standing at her poster, left center. Khrys is standing to the left of Angie. I am standing at the poster, right center).





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