Word of the Week 4/7/18

From the Urban Dictionary

By Annette Rey

Last week I posted a word from https://www.urbandictionary.com/ and today I viewed the site again. This site is a treasure trove for mining writing ideas. The first page struck me and story scenarios reeled through my head.

Take a look.

Today, the first page at the site displays the word chipdrunk. The definition adds more interesting facts centering around the word.

Here is what I mined from the site’s posting and my expounded descriptive definition.

Chipdrunk – This is a condition – mental or emotional – that strikes a gambler when he has a large pile of chips. Having this windfall, taking security in the buffer he now has,  makes him engage in risky bets, bad bets. The site says this behavior is usually followed by being down to the felt (another piece of gambling vernacular).

Are you writing a story with a gambling scene in it? If not, just this small bit of new material should spark you with new thoughts, new story ideas, interesting characters, smoke-choked rooms occupied by poker tables and bleary-eyed losers and swaggering confidence men.

Now you elaborate! Use this new material and mine some more appropriate language to add to your work.

Get started!



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