Word of the Week

By Annette Rey

Are you writing a modern day story which includes street lingo and you want to get it right? Then visit this site:


Today’s word is —


verb; an act common in college classrooms today; students camouflage their texting activities by giving the impression they’re in deep concentration studying a textbook laying on top of their desk. The student, by lowering the cell phone just underneath the front edge of their desk, will then bend their head slightly down and forward, giving the teacher the appearance the student is reading when in fact the student is camotexting.

noun; camotext – text sent or received while in the act of camotexting.

This activity can also be applied in your story to a child deceiving a parent, pretending to be doing his homework. Or worse, this can be attributed to a driver trying to hide what he is doing, as his car weaves dangerously before running a red light and into…whatever your creative mind is constructing.

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